I thought I’d start a blog to talk about some of the hot topics in real estate these days. There’s a Euro-crisis underway right now; the Bank of Canada is warning of an economic slowdown at home.  That’s enough to make any prospective home seller a little anxious.

But even in a slow market, a well-priced, well-presented home will sell; it just takes a little longer.

What do I mean by well-priced and well-presented? I mean a house that is priced fairly but aggressively, one that draws buyers in. And by well-presented, I mean one that looks and feels inviting.

Staging to achieve that effect is common these days — as we go along, I’ll explain what that is and give you some ideas on how to make your house look great.

Then there’s the old question about timing. Should you sell your home first and then buy your dream house, or buy first and then sell? Different market conditions may affect your decision — a slower market means it takes longer for houses to sell. I’ll blog about those factors, too, as well as some things to consider if you’re thinking of downsizing, like what to do with all that stuff.

And I’ll tell you some of the things I do to help clients deal with the very real stresses of getting ready to sell, dealing with viewings, considering offers, and  moving.

So drop by each week and I’ll try to keep you current on what I think is interesting and what every homeowner or would-be homeowner ought to know.

And please feel free to contact me, if there’s a topic you’d like me to cover, or if you’d like any assistance buying or selling property in Ottawa.

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